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December 9, 2016
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22nd MARS Conference – presentations on line

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The 2016 MARS Conference provided a platform to present Member State experiences and other observations regarding the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS), including developments in shared management. During the Conference, challenges and opportunities for image use, aspects of performance and the future outlook of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) were discussed.

The Conference took place in Lisbon on 24 and 25 November 2016.

List of presentations:

  1. Outcomes of the IACS WS Baveno (P. Loudjani)
  2. AGRI D3 activities and outlook (B. Riksen, A. Van der Velde)
  3. JRC D5 tools: exchanging data and information (W. Devos et al.)
  4. Closing 2016 controls campaign and preparing 2017 (P. Astrand)
  5. Potential use of S2 for the IACS purpose (L. Salvelkova)
  6. Analysing for changing the reference parcel in Italy (S. Carfi)
  7. Using drone imagery for quantitative inspections (J. Araujo)
  8. Targeted inspections as an alternative to the 5% OTSC in 2020 (H. Berg)
  9. ECA finding of the performance audit to LPIS (B. Scheckenbach)
  10. AGRI Audit findings (M. Ricker)
  11. The review of greening after one year (E. Petel)
  12. Challenges and solutions for more efficient HR/HHR image acquisition (N. Faget)
  13. VHR:trade-off between capacity and quality (Ellis)
  14. CwRS QC findings (C. Wirnhardt, P. Milenov)
  15. Challenges and opportunities for multisensory data (incl.Pleiades) in crop diversification (M. Sanabria)
  16. S2WMS services for the CAP (G. Milcinski)
  17. Drone imagery use pilot tsets in Italy (L. Rossi)
  18. Potential of S1 images for identification of agricultural crops (A. Navarro)
  19. Automatic classification of land cover for the needs of CAP using Sentinel data (D. Kapnias, P. Ilias)
  20. Collective AECM in the Netherlands (JG Deelen)
  21. Result –based AECM in grassland (M. Klein)
  22. RECAP, test platform for public services (S. Kotsopoulos)
  23. Myths and legends;frequent misunderstandings (P. Milenov, N. Luketic)
  24. Outcome from a small S2 worshop (V. Bjornstrom)
  25. Technical consequences of a greening REFIT (V. Angileri)
  26. Augmented reality field data capture and new farmer services (F. Slaviero)

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