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INOSENS DOO NOVI SAD (INO) is an innovative company, founded as spin-off of the University of Novi Sad, in Serbia. Its mission is to accelerate the transfer of innovative ICT technologies to the agrifood sector. INO is engaged in design and development of sensors, deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks and application of advanced remote sensing techniques for optimizing economic performance and environmental sustainability in agriculture.

As the value proposition of INO is being built equally upon technological excellence and business innovation, its professional team has a long experience in high technological challenge projects. Therefore, it combines the higher-level scientific profile of its staff with advanced management skills to successfully take up all the phases of a project’s lifecycle. INO builds on key accounts from the agri-food sector in the broader Balkans region and maintains strong and lasting alliances with complementary players (e.g. hardware vendors, agronomists, food scientists etc.).

Building upon solid ICT and engineering background, INO promotes Internet of things-enabled technologies such as remote sensing services and sensor development. Currently, the company is developing two platforms aiming at different market segments. The first platform concerns the optimization of farming activities on the field, targeting large farming estates with emphasis on vineyards and apple orchards. The second platform, is a remote sensing platform for crop classification and natural hazards monitoring, targeting both public sector originations and insurance companies.