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The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) is a research centre, founded in 1842. It is supervised by the General Secretariat for Research & Technology. NOA has achieved a high level of excellence in the area of EO-based environmental monitoring and management. The systematic collection, storing and processing of EO-related measurements, with the objective to monitor and assess the physical phenomena occurring at Earth’s environment are the objectives of NOA’s research.

The observations originate from space - and air - borne sensors of NASA, ESA, and third party missions, as well as the ground satellite receiving stations operated by NOA. The Observatory has been nominated as the sole institution in charge of natural disasters monitoring and at global level it hosts the UNESCO Chair for Natural Disasters, the Secretariat of the South Eastern Europe (SEE) Disaster Risk Assessment and Mitigation Network and the Focal point on the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS), one of the four national offices in the world (Canada, Germany, USA and Greece).

NOA has succeeded to secure the prestigious 2.3 million € capacity building REGPOT project to upgrade its capacity for setting up a center of excellence for EO-based disaster monitoring. Through BEYOND innovative integrated observational solutions will allow to a multitude of monitoring networks (space borne and ground-based) to operate in a complementary, unified and coordinated manner. Archives and databases of long series of observations and derived higher level products shall be created for the benefit of the End User Community.