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OPEKEPE is the Greek National Paying Authority of Common Agricultural Policy Aid Schemes established in 2001. It is supervised by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food and its mission is to manage funds of the E.A.G.F., E.A.F.R.D. and E.F.F. and the prevention and coalition against any fraud and recovery of unduly paid amounts.

On an annual basis OPEKEPE controls and makes payments to almost 900,000 beneficiaries at an amount of approximately 2.7 billion euro from community subsidies.

Beneficiaries are mainly farmers and farmers associations, export companies, investors in the agricultural sector, manufacturing enterprises etc. Additionally OPEKEPE maintains a comprehensive database with the aforementioned beneficiaries that including a range of information on each listing. Note that within the Authority’s responsibilities is the publication of guidelines and manuals providing details for the C.A.P. implementation.

Over the last 5 years OPEKEPE has participated in EU funded projects such as SmartAgrifood and FISpace project and has received funding by EU Regional Funds on the development of a number of e-services in order to enhance transparency and establish new communication channels with the farmers, reducing bureaucracy, improving cross checks and providing better services to the farmers.