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The School of Agriculture, Policy and Development at the University of Reading (UREAD) is a world leader in terms of both teaching and research, maintaining a reputation developed since the 1800’s. UREAD is ranked 81st in world rankings for Life Sciences and 11th for Agriculture and Forestry.

University’s research is supported by external funding.In particular, the community of senior and early careers researchers was funded by the Research Councils, Government Agencies, EU, Industry and Charities. Hence, the UREAD generated the amount of £5.5M in grant income in 2013/2014. The fields which are addressed by the UREAD are food production, sustainability of agro-systems, food security, adaption and mitigation to climate change, food chains and health, animal welfare and behavior, poverty alleviation, international development and consumer behavior and choice.

UREAD expects to maintain and enhance its reputation as a world leading Centre of Excellence in research and teaching applied to agriculture, food and environment as well as its mission is to develop, extend and synthesize knowledge across disciplines within the school via excellent research, teaching, impact and communication.

UREAD has strong experience in relevant projects and the School has been actively involved in the following: AE-FOOTPRINT (EU) – policy evaluation tools, SOILSERVICE, LIBERATION (EU) – value of ecosystem services and Sustainable Intensification Platform (UK National Ministry) – indicators.