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paying agencies / inspectors

Inspector management
  • View the list of the registered inspectors.
  • Assign to each farmer an inspector that would be responsible to perform the inspection.
  • Managing inspections
  • View the Cross Compliance rules-checklist of the farmer inspected.
  • Have access to all the needed farm-related data.
  • Track farmer’s inputs and outputs of farming with a few clicks.
  • Business intelligence analysis tool
  • Retrieve valuable information from the RECAP database to perform more targeted inspections and get insights on whether the farmer is compliant with the CC rules.
  • Maps
  • Select a bounding box on the map from the area you are interested in.
  • Have access to the farmer’s fields’ information generated by the Remote Sensing tool and external data before and during an inspection.
  • Other features
  • Document uploads
  • Communication with farmers
  • Managing users’ accounts
  • Access to previous inspections history
  • Mobile App
  • Offline usage in the field
  • Upload time-stamped and geo-tagged photos
  • Inspection scheduler
  • Managing inspections