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WP1 - Project Management


The Project Management aims at:

  • Ensuring effective coordination and collaboration within the project
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of the project activities and targets within time schedule and budget constraints
  • Guaranteeing overall project planning and scheduling
  • Representing the entire Consortium towards the Commission and the representatives of other projects
  • Organizing project meetings as appropriate
  • Coordinating the preparation and distribution of all reports
  • Coordinating the internal and external (to the Commission) reporting and documentation
  • Ensuring effective coordination between the project and external organisations
  • Coordinating the financial management


T1.1 Overall project coordination

T1.2 External Expert Advisory Board management

T1.3 Data Management

T1.4 Ethical, legal issues and data protection

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WP2 - Users’ needs analysis & co-production of services


  • Review and analyse the current service provided to farmers with regard to their compliance with directives & regulations imposed by the CAP in each Member State within the consortium (and relevant regulations in Serbia)
  • Identify, analyse and prioritise the needs of stakeholders (farmers, public authorities, private agricultural consultants) with respect to complying with regulations imposed by the CAP, monitoring cross-compliance, and providing decision making tools to farmers
  • Develop, in cooperation with the users, a framework for delivering better public services for the implementation of the CAP that takes into account the social structural forces that shape the different cultural characteristics of the end users


T2.1 Cross compliance briefing and market analysis

T2.2 Identification of needs of public authorities

T2.3 Identification of needs of farmers & private agricultural consultants

T2.4 Co-production of services

T2.5 Ethical issues, privacy and data protection

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WP3 - Service integration and customization


This work package aims at setting up the RECAP platform, which will serve all the stakeholders and will be accessible through any kind of device (web, tablet, smartphone) depending on user’s preferences and will allow the dissemination of a personalised farmer- centric public service application for applying and following the Cross Compliance Scheme required by CAP.

The final objective is to provide tools to the farmers so that they can easily interpret the legislation, understand their obligations and are able to follow the best practices available, record and prove their compliance. At the same time the system will support the inspectors providing them with all the required data they need for their job. In that respect, the RECAP platform will help both farmers and inspectors to be more productive, more transparent and more focused on their real work.


T3.1 System architecture

T3.2 Information extraction and modeling from remotely sensed data

T3.3 Software component development and integration

T3.4 Testing and validation of the platform

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WP4 - Deployment and operation


  • To establish a detailed pilot plan to guide the effective and successful deployment of RECAP in 5 pilot countries
  • To identify all training needs for the pilot and complete training within each country in accordance with those needs
  • To successfully install the solution and perform the pilot testing in 5 locations: Spain, Greece, Lithuania, UK, and Serbia, with the active participation of 4 public authorities and 2 agricultural consultants which are included in the RECAP consortium, and farmers as end users.
  • To monitor the effective conduct of the pilots, and provide an effective feedback mechanism to enhance the solution
  • To evaluate the extent to which RECAP is meeting the overall objectives established for the solution and for the pilot project


T4.1 Pilot deployment planning

T4.2 Pilot implementation

T4.3 Implementation review/Final evaluation

Partners involved

WP5 - Dissemination & Exploitation


This Work Package is twofold. On the one side the set of Tasks are related to the setting up the communication and dissemination infrastructure of the project. The goal is to promote and raise awareness on the project activities, objectives and results. On the other side, there is a set of tasks that are aiming to pave the way to the exploitation of the project results.

The main objectives of this WP can be divided in two groups. The first belongs to the dissemination activities:

  • To disseminate project results and services and create awareness among Public Authorities and Agencies, private agricultural consultants, farmers, and farmers’ associations etc
  • To produce documentation and communication material oriented directly to the stakeholders, mainly to Paying Agencies and farmers as future “clients”

The second group belongs to the exploitation activities:

  • To develop an in-depth analysis of the value chain for the RECAP solution, and to develop a preliminary economic model for the utilisation of the solution in this context, including impacts from the perspective of public authorities, farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, and agricultural consultants
  • To develop a business plan for the exploitation of the RECAP solution beyond the life of the project, including a view for deployment of the solution in other countries beyond the initial pilot deployments
  • To develop an operational and organisational model for a post-project entity or entities that will serve to advance and support the technological solution and to ensure its sustainability beyond the project term


T5.1 Elaboration of a Dissemination and Communication Strategy

T5.2 Development of communication & dissemination material

T5.3 Establishment & Management of Network of Interest

T5.4 Project Workshops

T5.5 Market assessment

T5.6 Business models and operational perspective

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