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April 11, 2018

Innovation Radar – Discover great EU-funded Innovations

A European Commission initiative
January 17, 2018

Copernicus Incubation Programme: Now Open for Applications

The next submission deadline is 15 March 2018.
November 20, 2017

Submit a Copernicus User Story

Submission deadline: 22/12/2017
November 1, 2017

BRIEFING: How the EU budget is spent

Briefing on Copernicus, October 2017
June 30, 2017

Outcome of ICT-AGRI funded projects

Factsheets are now available
June 14, 2017

Copernicus Relays – A network of Copernicus ambassadors

Established by the European Commission
June 9, 2017

HORIZON 2020’s SME Instrument

LATEST RESULTS: Commission to invest €100 million to help 69 small businesses bring their innovation on the market.
June 6, 2017

Results of the HORIZON 2020 Interim Evaluation

Published on 29 May 2017
May 30, 2017

Copernicus building skills actions

Call aimed at cooperation between Copernicus and Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs).
May 2, 2017

What about in situ data?

Factsheets, new website, state-of-play report and a newsletter
March 7, 2017

The Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

Aimed at developing a set of European information services based on satellite Earth Observation and in-situ (non-space) data.
March 3, 2017

Launch of Sentinel-2B satellite for Copernicus

Launch from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana on the 7th of March 2017
February 28, 2017

European Commission simplifies Horizon 2020

New funding rules will reduce administrative costs to participants and help prevent accounting errors.
February 24, 2017

Copernicus Incubation Programme

The European Commission is launching the Copernicus incubation Programme to promote start-up creation and growth in the Copernicus downstream sector.
February 23, 2017

More efforts needed to implement the Natura 2000 network to its full potential

Special Report No.1/2017
February 1, 2017

Thematic networks under Horizon 2020

The EIP-AGRI has developed a specific brochure on these networks.
January 25, 2017

Copernicus – an EU revolutionary Earth Observation & Monitoring Programme

Copernicus is the European Union’s revolutionary Earth Observation and Monitoring programme, looking at our planet and its environment for the ultimate benefit of all European citizens.
December 22, 2016

The Commission releases the 1st Copernicus Market Report

Copernicus will generate an economic value far beyond total investments