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Copernicus building skills actions

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The European Commission is launching a call for proposals aimed at cooperation between Copernicus and Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs). The aim is to provide the skills needed to access and use Copernicus data and services.

Objectives & Description
The Directorate-General for Single Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs is focused on increasing the use of Copernicus data and services. This includes providing people with the skills they need to access and use the data.

To help achieve this, the Commission is developing a “Copernicus Skills Programme” to promote skills development in the Copernicus downstream sector.

This call has two objectives: (1) To increase the number of people able to access and use Copernicus data and information. This could include basic users and/or advanced/innovative users of Copernicus and (2) To increase the supply of skills to stimulate the growth of geospatial-related jobs in Europe (i.e. the proposal should address current and forthcoming labour market skill gaps).

The beneficiary is expected to receive a grant to develop and implement one or several dedicated actions from the following list: Copernicus-based courses within existing programmes, a Copernicus-dedicated Master’s programme, a Copernicus PhD programme (including Copernicus PhD scholarships), Copernicus Campus training, Copernicus summer schools, a Copernicus postdoctoral programme,a programme to facilitate knowledge transfer from research to practical applications (e.g. placement of researchers in companies), a life-long learning programme targeting professionals (i.e. those already working in companies, public administrations, research centres or academia).

Eligibility of Applicants
Only applications from legal entities established in EU countries, Iceland and Norway are eligible. Applicants must fulfill the definition of the following target organisations: be a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) as defined under Regulation (EC) No. 294/2008

Budget & Project Duration
Estimated maximum budget allocated for EU financing of an action grant for three years: €980.000 and estimated maximum EU financing rate of eligible costs for the action grant: 85%.
Questions on this call for proposals can be submitted by email to:

Submission of Proposals
Applicants should use the Electronic Submission System (SEP) to submit their proposal.