Insights of the RECAP project in the AIOTI report on IoT and digital technologies for monitoring of the new CAP
May 8, 2019
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A policy is often only as good as its monitoring mechanism. When it comes to the Common Agricultural Policy, the RECAP e-public service platform combines open Earth Observation data with user-generated data, providing a manual/fully automatic hybrid solution for enhanced compliance.

Implementation of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) seeks, amongst other ambitions, to ensure sustainability in the agricultural sector while supporting farmers. It relies on effectively monitoring compliance with its standards. This has, in the past, been conducted through field visits and other options. Owing to the complexity and diversity of the data, these options can be time consuming and costly for both public administrations and farmers.

To ease this burden, the EU-supported project RECAP developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) commercial platform to help with compliance monitoring. This cloud-based solution makes use of large volumes of publicly available data generated by remote satellite sensing, combined with data provided by farmers themselves through mobile devices.

RECAP contributes to wider EC policies to deliver tools for enhanced e-public services that help streamline the workloads of public administrations. According to project coordinator, Ms Machi Symeonidou: “The participating Public Administrations declared that the RECAP platform made compliance monitoring more transparent and efficient. This was achieved by making every step of the monitoring process visible to all involved parties, and also by remotely monitoring farmers’ compliance thereby reducing the number of on-the-spot-checks.”…

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