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October 6, 2017
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Data Access

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Copernicus builds on a constellation of satellites making millions of daily observations, as well as on a global network of thousands of land-, air- and marine-based sensors to create the most detailed pictures of Earth.


The vast majority of data and information delivered by the Copernicus Space infrastructure and the Copernicus services are made available and accessible to any citizen and any organisation around the world on a free, full and open access basis, through a series of access points. A simple click on the access points represented on the diagram below provides access to factsheets explaining how data access works.

To read more about how to access the satellite data and the Copernicus services, please visit the dedicated pages:
Access points to satellite data  │  Access points to Copernicus services

  Copernicus information and data support numerous areas of benefit. Discover some of them through a series of factsheets:
Copernicus for citizens
Copernicus for smart local governments
Copernicus for scientists
Copernicus for geographic information professionals
Copernicus for business

  Click here to access all factsheets.

SOURCE: Copernicus website