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Direct Payments

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A higher area actually receiving direct payments after the 2013 CAP reform

  • The Potentially Eligible Area (PEA) of Direct Payments (DP) has slightly decreased between 2014 and 2015 (-2%), mainly due to the exclusion of ineligible features in one Member State (correction following audit).
  • The determined area has increased by 4% as a result of one of the 2013 reform objectives to cover as much as possible all agricultural area with payment entitlements.
  • In 2015 the determined area was only 2% below the PEA compared to 9% below in 2014.
  • It is still 13% below the Utilised Agricultural Area (UAA), but it was 16% below in 2014.

The agricultural area and the area getting direct payments in 2015

  • The differences between the determined area and the PEA are explained by the limitations in the number of payment entitlements compared to the eligible area for BPS Member States and by the result of controls for all Member States.
  • Member States with the highest differences between PEA and determined area are ES, UK, FR and also IT and PT.
  • UAA is usually higher than PEA and determined area. However it is sometimes lower because of differences in the definition of eligible area for direct payments and UAA (e.g. common land is not always included in UAA).
  • The differences between the determined area and the UAA can be explained by several factors: farmers below the minimum requirements for being granted direct payments, farmers not fulfilling the eligibility conditions for being allocated payment entitlements in BPS Member States (some fruit and vegetables or wine producers in certain Member States), farmers not applying for direct payments…
  • Member States with the highest differences between UAA and determined area are RO, HR, MT, BG, PT and EL.

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SOURCE: EC – DG Agriculture and Rural Development