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Facilitating the cross-compliance monitoring procedure

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The RECAP project presented οn the EIP-AGRI website

Public administrations responsible for the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) need to monitor farmers’ compliance to standards. Monitoring is performed by in-field visits and through remote sensing. Due to the high complexity and diversity of the obligations that need to be monitored, both methods have limitations, and entail a high cost for public administrations.

The idea behind Horizon 2020 project RECAP (Reinforcing CAP) is to combine remote sensing technology within a modern ICT platform and develop a service tool for all stakeholders involved in the cross-compliance scheme (farmers, agricultural consultants, paying agencies).

RECAP therefore proposes a methodology for improving the efficiency and transparency of the CAP’s cross-compliance monitoring procedure. A cloud-based platform will make use of large volumes of publicly available data provided by satellite remote sensing, and data provided by farmers through mobile devices (geo-referenced and time-stamped photos).

This system not only reduces administrative costs, but also facilitates the process for public Paying Agencies, agricultural consultants and farmers and all other users and enable the improved implementation of the CAP.

In order to test the solution, RECAP will perform pilot testing in 5 locations: Spain, Greece, Lithuania, UK, and Serbia with the active participation of public organisations, agricultural consultants and farmers.