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May 31, 2017
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June 6, 2017
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Get funding to demonstrate space technology for your commercial earthly application

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As part of efforts to promote the use of space technologies in ESA Member States, an Open Call for Technology Transfer Proposals has been opened.

VERHAERT has been entrusted by ESA to set up, implement and manage it. The Technology Transfer Demonstrators are directed specifically towards the determination and elimination of technical risk particular to the new terrestrial application.

The Open Call allows 7 projects of both space and non-space organizations or individuals to submit proposals to develop technology transfer demonstrators. This call is open for all ESA member states.

Through this Call, VERHAERT invites applicants to request funding up to 38.000 euro to develop a demonstrator regarding the transfer of a space technology into a non-space application. The projects should be executed in maximum 6 months.

In order to apply for this call, please send your submission towards, please fill out the form below to download the application template.

Before sending out your submission please carefully read the following documents:

  Terms of Participation
  Draft Contract