EIP-AGRI SEMINAR “Digital Innovation Hubs: mainstreaming digital agriculture”
April 4, 2017
CAP EXPLAINED – Direct Payments for Farmers 2015-2020
April 11, 2017
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Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture

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The world’s largest dedicated expo of sustainable agriculture solutions.

When GFIA was launched in 2014 at the invitation of the Abu Dhabi government, it leveraged partnerships with 40 powerful organisations including the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank, that wanted a platform to show the world how technology gives us the only real chance of feeding nine billion people without destroying the environment.

Now an internationally acclaimed annual event in Abu Dhabi, GFIA is the world’s largest showcase of sustainable agriculture innovations. It is not only a forum for stakeholders to discuss policy, strategy and solutions for a food secure future, but hosts a large exhibition where suppliers can meet thousands of farmers and procurement managers right along the value chain.

The GFIA team that delivered the largest agriculture event in the Middle East in 2016 will be bringing GFIA Europe to the Netherlands for the first time from 9–10 May 2017.

Three things that make GFIA unique in Europe:

  1. It is the only event dedicated to showcasing innovations in sustainable agriculture across all types of food production.
  1. From farm to fork, GFIA brings together stakeholders right along the value chain to facilitate collaboration at large.
  1. Using GFIA’s global network of 40+ partners, a major component of the audience will come from the emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

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