How to model trade-offs between agricultural yield and biodiversity
June 29, 2017
EU support to young farmers should be better targeted to foster effective generational renewal
July 3, 2017
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Outcome of ICT-AGRI funded projects


The projects funded by ICT-AGRI Calls in 2012 and 2014 have been ended. Factsheets are available here.

Call 2012 – ICT and Automation for a Greener Agriculture
The call aimed at utilizing ICT and automation in primary agriculture for sustainable use of natural resources, reduction of agriculture’s environmental footprint, mitigation of climate change while securing farm economy and good working conditions, food supply, quality and security, and animal welfare. Eight projects were funded in this call.

Call 2014 – Services & Applications for Smart Agriculture
The call was in collaboration with the Future Internet Accelerator project SmartAgrifood. Fifty projects were funded in this call, and nine projects with ICT-AGRI funded participation.