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Lithuanian Pilot Case

In Lithuania, the RECAP platform has been tested and validated with the participation of the Lithuania Paying Agency (NMA) and the Agricultural Advisory Services of Lithuania, involving more than 150 farmers, 62 consultants and 133 inspectors. The Lithuanian pilot focused on performing on-the-spot and remote inspections through the RECAP platform and engaging farmers and agricultural consultants.


The Pilot in Lithuania has been designed as a support for public administration for a better implementation of inspection procedures, as well as for providing advisory services on the compliance with the CAP requirements (cross compliance and greening inspections) to farmers. Its main objectives were i) to validate how the RECAP Platform enables public administration to provide farmers with advisory services on their compliance with the CAP requirements; and ii) to validate how the RECAP Platform enables the monitoring of farmers with regards to the CC obligations imposed by the CAP, and increases efficiency and transparency of inspection procedures.