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Serbian Pilot Case

The Serbian Pilot has been conducted by INOSENS. The pilot case focused on supporting the administrative monitoring of the organic subsidy scheme, as this scheme is similarly structured and monitored as the CC rules under the CAP. The RECAP platform (all components except for the RS one) was adapted to support the entire process of subsidy provision and all respective end users: organic farmers, certification bodies and the Serbian Paying Agency – Directorate for Agrarian Payments. InoSens Doo, has involved more than 90 organic farmers and a Certification Body in the pilot implementation.

The Serbian Pilot has been designed as a support for consultancy in order to enhance services related to the organic subsidy scheme, and it is focused on the monitoring of the entire process of subsidy claims for organic agriculture. Its main objective was to validate how the RECAP Platform enables to monitor the obligations of farmers imposed by the Organic Agriculture subsidies, and increases efficiency and transparency of inspection procedures.