RECAP to be presented at the EUFRAS 2018 General Assembly
February 12, 2018
Science, Research and Innovation Performance of the EU
February 28, 2018
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RECAP seeks to reduce workload on farmers, public authorities and agricultural consultants

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A post about the RECAP project was published on the CLARITY H2020 project blog.

The CLARITY project seeks to support European Member States in their pursuit for greater trust, transparency and efficiency within government via the increase take-up of open government initiatives.

The CLARITY blog provides information about different case studies-examples of open e-government services initiatives across Europe, covering a great spectrum.

RECAP representatives Ifigenia Tsioutsia (DRAXIS Environmental SA) and Dimitrios Petalios (CREVIS SPRL) were interviewed by the CLARITY blog team providing information about the impact and benefits of the RECAP solutions to its users and the society.

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 Additional information about the CLARITY project can be found here.