Can we transform knowledge, Earth Observation & user-generated data into added value services for CAP monitoring?
August 2, 2018
RECAP was presented on the European Commission’s Digital Single Market section
August 31, 2018
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Serbian Pilot Implementation

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InoSens is responsible for implementing and testing the RECAP platform as a support for public services related to the Serbian organic subsidy scheme.

Serbia as the EU candidate country still does not implement the CAP, yet Serbian organic subsidy scheme is similarly structured and monitored as the CAP. In this way, the role of the Serbian pilot is twofold – support for public services and introduction for the future CAP implementation.

Pilot participants directly involved in the testing activities are: Organic Farmers, Certification Bodies Staff and Representatives from the Paying Agency (Serbian Directorate for Agrarian Payments).

The geographical scope of the testing activities is the Northern province of Serbia – Vojvodina region.

After the numerous training sessions and workshops, the real testing period started in July 2018 and it is performed through one-to-one meetings with Organic Farmers, Certification Bodies Staff Paying Agency Representatives.

In order to make the whole process of providing organic subsidies (and organic certification) more efficient, Inosens team tests all 3 Modules (Organic Farmer/Certification Body/Paying Agency) and respective functionalities together with all end-users.

InoSens RECAP team encourages Organic Farmers, Certification Bodies Staff as well as the members of the Paying Agency, to use the platform for free and to take the RECAP as an opportunity to introduce Earth Observation based technologies into their everyday activities.

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